1.     Financial Management


2.     Budget Management


3.     Submit Transfers


4.     Select the current year


5.     Batch: Enter your initials (along with a number must use new number each time.)


6.     Amount of budget transfer (at this time Skyward software does not check budget balances)


7.     To Account: This is the account that you want to move the money to.


8.     From Account: This is the account that you want to take the money from.


9.     Description: Please enter a short description of why you want to transfer funds from one account to another. Please remember that you can not transfer funds between funds, functions, and program intents.



After clicking on the submit button, the transfer will be sent to Stacey Adrian alerting her that there is a budget transfer waiting for her approval. When the budget transfer has been posted to the appropriate accounts, you will receive an email stating that your funds are available.