1. Whenever a sponsor/teacher collects money from a student, a receipt must be written and given to that student.  Only receipt books that are provided by the Business office are to be used.


  1. Sponsor/teacher is to turn in any money collected to campus secretary/designee on a daily basis.  Money is to be counted and placed in an orderly fashion before turning in.  A Tabulation of Monies form should be filled out.


  1. Campus secretary/designee counts the money in the presence of the sponsor/teacher.  After totals are confirmed the campus secretary/designee writes the sponsor/teacher a receipt.  Only receipt books that are provided by the Business office are to be used.  The money is then locked in safe location until it can be deposited in the bank. 


  1. In the event that the campus secretary/designee and/or sponsor/teacher does not have time to count the money, it is to be placed in a plastic tamper-evident deposit bag.  Bag is signed by both parties and locked in a safe location until they can return to count the money together.


  1. When secretary/designee has collected over $100 in any given day, then a deposit must be made.  Copy of deposit slip with correct account code written on it is sent to the Activity Accounts Clerk.  Deposit slip books will be provided by the Business office.





  1. When a purchase is to be made with activity funds, an Activity Funds Request form must be filled out.  All purchases should be made by purchase order.  If the vendor will not accept purchase orders, then a request for a check can be made for the exact amount only.


  1. When completing the Activity Funds Request form, use ink only and print legibly.  After completing the form, it is to be submitted to the principal for approval. 


  1. Once the principal checks the availability of funds and approves the funds request, the Activity Funds Request form is forwarded to the Activity Accounts Clerk in the Business office.


  1. Upon receipt, the Activity Accounts Clerk will process the funds request and issue a purchase order or check, whichever was requested.  It will then be sent to the requesting party.


  1. Once the purchase has been made, all receipts must be sent to the Activity Accounts Clerk for filing within two business days.


For more information see the WSISD Online Handbook.