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A.    Statement of Districtís Values


We at White Settlement ISD recognize and respect intellectual property rights and are committed to fulfilling our moral and legal obligations with respect to our use of copyright-protected works.


B.     Statement of Districtís Obligations Regarding Copyright


As a matter of moral integrity and adherence to U.S. Copyright Law and Digital Millennium Copyright Act, White Settlement ISD sets forth these policies for all employees:


No employee of White Settlement ISD may reproduce any copyrighted work in print, video or digital form in violation of the law. Copyrighted works include, but are not limited to: printed articles from publications, TV and radio programs, videotapes, music performances, photographs, training materials, manuals, documentation, software programs, databases and World Wide Web pages. Works are considered protected even if they are not registered with the U.S. Copyright Office and even if they do not carry the copyright symbol (©). In general, the laws that apply to printed materials also apply to visual and digital formats such as diskettes, CD-ROMs and Internet websites.

Any WSISD employee who is uncertain as to whether reproducing or using copyrighted material complies with the districtís obligations or is permissible under the law should contact the Executive Director of Technology.The district cannot be responsible for any violations of the copyright law by its employees.



WSISD Board Policy EFE (LEGAL & LOCAL), http://www.tasb.org/policy/pol/private/220920/
Districtís agent designee: Chris Malone, Director of Technology, cmalone@wsisd.net
White Settlement ISD web site:www.wsisd.com





District Technology Committee Approved: 12/09/2004