If an employee is injured or has an accident of any manner while performing duties as a WSISD employee, the employee is required to complete the appropriate paperwork.  Whether the employee seeks medical attention or not, a form must be completed and filed in the Business Office with Linda Benware (extension 5306).  If the injury or accident requires immediate attention, please have the campus designee (secretary or nurse) contact Linda Benware with the information.  Before seeking any medical attention, please make sure to have an AUTHORIZATION FOR TREATMENT form.


Important note:  If the employee “denies” treatment from the health provider, this eliminates the district’s ability to file the appropriate Workman’s Comp claim; therefore, any medical treatment rendered at that time of service, becomes the responsibility of the employee.


“Article 8308 - 5.05, Texas Workers' Compensation Act, requires an Employer's First Report of Injury or Illness (Form TWCC - 1 (2-91)) to be filed with the Workers' Compensation Insurance Carrier not later than the eighth day after the receipt of notice of occupational disease, or the employee's first day of absence from work due to injury or death. A copy of this report must be sent to the employee or the employee's representative.”



The TWCC-1 (2-91) form is available from your campus office, nurse, department supervisor, or on the site.


We have designated health providers for Workers’ Comp or you may seek your own health provider.  Either way, a completed EMPLOYERS FIRST REPORT OF INJURY OR ILLNESS form must be filed in the Business Office.