For Employee Access to the Internet and E-mail Services

1. Purpose of Internet Access and E-mail Services

Internet Access and E-mail Services are provided for educational purposes and for use in connection with official duties, subject to this Acceptable Use Agreement. Limited Personal use is permitted according to the provisions of Section 3 of this Agreement.

2. Definitions

As used in this document, "Internet Access" or the "System" refer to Internet Access and E-mail Services provided to Employees by the White Settlement Independent School District (WSISD) and/or the Internet Service Provider (ISP). "District" and “School” refers to the employer, White Settlement Independent School District. For the purposes of this document, references to School policies or codes of conduct include policies of the school district. The term "Employee" includes teachers, administrators, school librarians, and other School employees, contractors and consultants responsible for computer labs or other computer facilities provided for Users of Internet Access. "User" refers to students or other individuals, including Employees, using the services described herein. These defined terms are capitalized in this document.

3. Access

A. Eligibility. Teachers and staff will be granted such Internet Access as deemed appropriate by the District. Internet Access is a privilege, not a right.

B.  Limited Personal Use. Internet access and e-mail use shall be used for District purposes, but limited personal use of the System shall be permitted if the use:

     1.  Imposes no tangible cost on the District;

     2.  Does not unduly burden the District’s computer or network resources; and

     3.  Has no adverse effect on an Employee’s job performance or on a student’s  

          academic performance.

     4.  Abides by all the terms of the Acceptable Use Agreement.

C.  Acceptance of the Acceptable Use Agreement required. No User may use Internet Access until he or she has signed this document and returned it to the School.

4. Appropriate and Prohibited Uses

A. Personal safety. Users must exercise caution when transmitting or posting any personal contact information, including home or work addresses, telephone numbers, pager numbers, or e-mail. Users are prohibited from transmitting or posting other individuals’ personal information including personal phone numbers or home addresses. ISP and the District specifically deny any responsibility for any damages due to or arising out of use of the System.

B. Disruption of system, introduction of computer viruses. Users may not engage in any activity that disrupts the System, or other Users' use of the System, including, but not limited to, introducing computer viruses to the System, hacking, phreaking, bombing, spoofing, and spamming. Deliberate violations may result in suspension or revocation of access to Internet Access and E-mail Services, and/or other disciplinary action.

C. Illegal activities or activities inconsistent with District policy. Users may not use Internet Access for any illegal or improper purposes, including, but not limited to, vandalism, harassment, defamation, libel, attempts to make unauthorized entry into other computer systems, or other activities inconsistent with District policy.

D.  Activities prohibited by using public funds or other government resources.  Users may not use Internet Access or E-mail Service to promote political or religious purposes.  Users of the system shall be considered “public servants” and shall not personally benefit economically or otherwise due to the use of government property.

E. Impersonation. When using their E-mail accounts, Users must use their real names and must not send or attempt to send messages that purport to be from some other person or entity. Users may use "handles" for Internet freemail services, IRC, or similar services, provided the use of such services is not in violation of this Acceptable Use Agreement.

F. Use of inappropriate language. When using communication services, Users will use language appropriate for School situations as indicated by School codes of conduct.

G. Plagiarism and copyright infringement. Users will properly attribute material they obtain through Internet Access and not infringe the copyrights of others.

H. Access to inappropriate material. Users will not access any material not related to the purposes of Internet Access. Users may not access any material that is obscene or which advocates illegal acts. Employees may not access material that advocates discrimination or violence towards other people, except when necessary for educational purposes.

I. Commercial activities. Users may not use Internet Access to conduct a business, to offer, provide, buy or sell products or services, or to engage in any other commercial activities.

J. Use by unauthorized users. Users will not allow, encourage or facilitate use of Internet Access by unauthorized users.

K. Encryption. E-mails may not be encrypted, except as specifically authorized by the District.

L. Network connections. Users may not initiate communications into the System from other computers (for example, home computers) that are inconsistent with the intended purposes of the System or with this Acceptable Use Agreement.

M. Representation. The use of school-related email addresses may cause some recipients or other readers of email to assume that the User represents the District or school, whether or not that is the intention of the User. Users are responsible for any misrepresentations. 

These guidelines do not attempt to articulate all required or proscribed behavior by Users. Users' use of the System is subject to the supervision and discretion of the District and ISP.

5. User responsibilities

In addition to observing all the other guidelines and school policies when using Internet Access, Users are responsible for:

A. Protection of system security. Users must notify the appropriate School authorities if they become aware of any security problem with or threat to the System and/or Internet Access.

B. Respect for privacy. When using communications services, Users must not post private information about another person or repost a message sent to them privately without the permission of the author of the message.

C. Respect for resource limits and appropriate uses. Users will use the System and/or Internet Access only in a reasonable manner and for purposes described in Section 1.

D. Broadcast Email. Broadcasted email is intended for official school-related purposes only. Users shall seek approval from their campus principal or department supervisor prior to initiating districtwide or campuswide email.

E. Bulletin Board Service. The District may provide access to a bulletin board service to Users for the dissemination and collection of general knowledge and information with other Users in the District. Although the intent of the bulletin board service is to provide a system for discretionary, non-official school communication, all postings shall abide by the terms of this Acceptable Use Agreement including, but not limited to, prohibited use for religious and/or political purposes and commercial activities.

F. Supervision of students in their charge. Users will assure that students in their charge observe the System's Acceptable Use Agreement for students. Employees and other Users must not allow, encourage, or facilitate any activities by students which are inconsistent with the Acceptable Use Agreement for students' use of the System.

6. Consequences for inappropriate use

Internet Access and E-mail Services are privileges, not a right. All District policies regarding Users' conduct extend to their conduct while using the System. Failure to abide by this Acceptable Use Agreement may result in suspension or revocation of the User's Internet Access, as well as other disciplinary action appropriate according to School policy, and/or other legal action, in accordance with applicable laws.

7. Privacy limitations

Users have no reasonable expectation of privacy in their use of Internet Access or the System. District administrators and ISP personnel may monitor Users' Internet Access and use of the System, including e-mails when use of e-mail is permitted, as well as stored communications and files.

8. Limitation of Liability

Internet Access is provided on an "as is," "as available" basis. The District and ISP make no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, including, without limitation, those of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose with respect to any of the services provided ISP Internet Access, including any information obtained through the Internet. This limitation of liability includes loss of data, service delays or interruptions. Although Internet Access may be screened by the District, the District and ISP specifically deny any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through Internet Access or for access by Users of inappropriate content. Use of any information obtained through Internet Access is at the risk of the User.

9. Indemnification

Users agree to indemnify and hold the District, ISP, and their affiliates, officers, agents, or other partners, and employees, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, due to or arising out of use or misuse of Internet Access by any student or other User, or arising from any User's violation of this Acceptable Use Agreement.


Printable Employee Acceptable Use Agreement Receipt