Approved  12/10/03


 White Settlement ISD Website purpose is to expand the educational and instructional resources of the district and provide an avenue of communication through the proper use of telecommunications designed to target the WSISD community, parents, students, teachers, individual schools, other school systems, higher educational institutions, and state and local agencies.


The WSISD website will be maintained and monitored by central administration.  Non-educational links to the WSISD website will not be allowed.  Education related links to the WSISD website must be approved by the WSISD central administration. 


All websites or web pages developed by WSISD students, personnel, or school related organizations must receive prior approval from central administration according to the following guidelines.  A WSISD Web Page Update/Addition Request Form must be completed and approved before developing a web page.


q       Schools or classes may publish and link to the District’s site Web pages that present information about the school or classes activities, subject to approval.  Personnel will be responsible form compliance with District guidelines in maintaining their Web pages.  Any links from a school or class Web page to sites outside the District’s computer system must receive approval.

q       With the approval, students may establish individual Web pages linked to a campus or District web site; however, all material presented on a student’s Web page must be related to the student’s educational activities.  Student Web pages must include the following notice: “This is a student Web page.  Opinions expressed on this page shall not be attributed to the District.”  Any links from a student’s Web pages to sites outside the District’s computer system must receive approval.

q       With the approval, extracurricular organizations may establish Web paged linked to a campus or District Web site; however, all materials presented on the Web page must related specifically to organization activities and include only student-produced material.  The sponsor of the organization will be responsible for compliance with District guidelines for maintaining the Web page. 

q       Web pages of extracurricular organizations must include the following notice: “This is a student extracurricular organization Web page.  Opinions expressed on this page shall not be attributed to the District.”  Any links from the Web page of an extracurricular organization to sites outside the District’s computer system must receive approval.

q       District employees, Trustees, and members of the public will not be permitted to publish personal Web pages using District resources.



Web Page Publishing Guidelines for White Settlement ISD

Well-designed web pages require much thought and pre-planning. Web pages published on the White Settlement ISD server are visible throughout the world. Their content and quality reflects upon the web page author as well as the district, and is therefore subject to district specifications. The following specifications and guidelines are designed to help authors create quality web pages.




These specifications take into consideration that authors and publishers may be working on different platforms. The specifications help insure that there are no problems with differing platforms during the publishing process.


File Names and Structure

q       File names should be 8 characters or less, no spaces, all lower case, and unique and descriptive (Examples: afrlca.htm or elephant.git).

q       File names should end with a .htm extension.

q       Once the pages are completed, the pages and accompanying graphics should be copied into a directory onto a disk and given to the Web Site Director or Office Web Director.   An e-mail message to the Web Site Director and Office Web Director should then be sent in preparation to place the pages on the web server.   

Web Pages

q       Home pages should be a collection of smaller pages accessed from a top-level page (versus one long page.)

q       School, classes, student, and/or extracurricular organization home pages should contain links to appropriate district home pages.

q       Longer home pages should contain a hypertext index and links throughout the document to facilitate navigation.



q       Images should have a resolution of approximately 72 ppi (pixels per inch).

q       If larger images are used, thumbnail sketches and text alternatives should be provided.

q       Animated GIF files should be used very sparingly and need to be relatively small.  The amount, size, and type of graphics used have the most direct affect on the “load time” of Web pages.

q       For quickness in loading,..

Ø        images should be a maximum size of about 2" by 3",

Ø        backgrounds should be a maximum of 5 KB,

Ø        video files should be a maximum size of 550 KB (always use a hyperlink so people can choose to open this or not),

Ø        sound files should be a maximum size of 500 KB (only one on a page).




Each home page must contain the following:

q       The author's name (first name only for student authors).

q       Staff member authors: the author's e-mail address

q       Student authors: the author's e-mail address if he/she has one or the name and e-mail address of the staff person sponsoring the student's home page

q       A title that appropriately describes the content of the page.

q       A last modified date stamp

q       Well-edited text, including correct spelling and grammar.

q       Factually-correct information

q       References, if the home page is a research document.

q       Link to the District's home page (


Web pages may NOT contain:

q       Inappropriate material or links to inappropriate material.

q       Links to resources that do not exist.

q       Any graphic or information that is in violation of copyrights laws.

q       Solicitation for advertisement.

q       Commercial advertisement

Web pages are subject to “directory information” as stated in WSISD Board Policy FL(Legal).








Design Tips

q       Create home pages that are easy to read.

q       Create a top-level home page that is short, includes the purpose of the web page, and links to additional pages. Additional web pages should provide detailed information.

q       Sketch out the visual design and evaluate its effectiveness.

q       Evaluate the "overall look."

q       Strive for a consistent layout style.

q       Only use graphics that serve a purpose and use appropriate graphics for that purpose.


Web Browser Considerations

q       Design web pages that can be viewed by Internet Explorer 4.0 or later.

q       Consider that some viewers who access WSISD home pages will be using web browsers other than Internet Explorer.

q       Include only exemplary work for publishing. Other work can be displayed within individual buildings